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A sufficient amount of exercise prevents unnecessary healthcare costs by reducing complications, readmissions and hospitalization.

”HoloMoves draagt bij aan het ontzorgen van ons personeel, zorgt voor sneller herstel en zo komen er eerder bedden vrij. Dat haalt de druk van de ketel.”

Dirk-Jan Willekens

Manager healthcare sales & healthcare innovation, Elkerliek hospital

Save costs

In many hospitals bed centricity is normal, resulting in high amounts of inpatient physical inactivity. This creates a harmful environment for the patient, which can cause unnecessary complications, readmissions and prolonged hospitalization.

Save time

Our Mixed Reality products are suitable for independent use. This allows patients to get active without help and make inactive moments productive, without costing healthcare providers more time.

Increase customer satisfaction

We see a big smile on the face of everybody who plays our games. Our products ensure that patients can virtually escape from the hospital environment for a short while.

Create more impact with education

Mixed Reality is ideally suited for presenting information interactively. Research shows that information is retained better that way. This increases the impact of education for both healthcare providers and patients.

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Mixed Reality gaming increases patient adherence to exercise and enables movement monitoring during independent practising enables monitoring of patient activity.


Take a break from the hospital and get moving with challenging and motivating 3D games. An active patient can go home earlier.