Healthcare Professional

Mixed Reality gaming increases compliance and enables monitoring during independent practice.


”What is unique about HoloMoves is the ability to turn a boring patient room into an environment that encourages movement, in a fun way.”

Guido Limburg

Neurorehabilitation team manager, UMC Utrecht

Education with impact

Mixed Reality is ideally suited to offer information interactively. Research shows that information sticks better as a result. Education for health care providers and patients thus gains impact….

Patients can work independently

Our Mixed Reality products are suitable for independent use by patients. With this, unused moments can be used to activate patients without costing you as a caregiver a lot of extra time.

Collect usage data

The level of use of our games is automatically stored. So you analyze with ease, per game and per patient, the level of activity and compliance

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Care facility

Sufficient exercise prevents unnecessary healthcare costs by reducing complications, readmissions and length of hospitalization.


Escape from the hospital for a while and get moving with challenging and motivating games. An active patient can go home earlier.

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