Save time and intensify rehabilitation with Mixed Reality

HoloMoves utilizes Mixed Reality (MR) glasses that project holograms around individuals while allowing them to see the real world. This technology is employed by HoloMoves to provide targeted therapy for specific patient groups. Through interactive therapy sessions, 3D informational modules, and scenario training for healthcare professionals, HoloMoves intensifies the therapeutic experience.


Added value to healthcare

Healthcare Institution

Intensive therapy prevents unnecessary healthcare costs by reducing complications, readmissions and length of hospitalization.

Healthcare Professional

Mixed Reality gaming increases therapy compliance and enables monitoring during unsupervised exercises.


Escape from the hospital for a while and get moving with challenging and motivating games. An active patient can go home earlier.

Discover the added value of HoloMoves for your healthcare facility

At HoloMoves, we offer licenses where you can create a package of games and information modules of your choice. In addition, we develop customized solutions in close collaboration.

What our customers say

“What is unique about HoloMoves is its ability to turn a boring patient room into an environment that encourages movement, in a fun way.”

Guido Limburg

Team manager Neurorehabilitation, UMCU

“Wonderful to see people moving more through these glasses!”

Renate Westerlake

Director, Ronald Donald Kinderfonds

“HoloMoves helps take the burden off our staff, allows for faster recovery, and so beds are freed up sooner. That takes the pressure off.”

Dirk-Jan Willekens

Manager, Elkerliek hospital

“HoloMoves brings developers and healthcare providers together to develop beautiful applications that help our patients recover faster and better.”

Linda de Heer

Cardiothoracic surgeon, UMCU