Mixed Reality exercise games in healthcare

Added value for healthcare

Healthcare institutions

Avoiding sedentary behavior and increasing physical activity prevents unnecessary healthcare costs by reducing complications, readmissions and length of hospital stay.

Healthcare providers

Mixed Reality gaming increases patient adherence to exercise and enables movement monitoring during independent practising enables monitoring of patient activity.


Take a break from the hospital and get moving with challenging and motivating 3D games. An active patient can go home earlier.

HoloMoves activates patients in a playful way

We use Mixed Reality (MR) glasses. MR-glasses have the power to enrich the environment with holograms while the real world remains visible. At HoloMoves we use this technique to promote healthy movement behavior. Various exercise games for every body posture (lying, sitting and standing/walking) make exercise fun at every level of physical functioning. We also inform patients about the importance of physical activity, and the causes and consequences of medical conditions with the help of 3D visualizations and education modules.


HoloMoves in daily care practice

Spinal cord injury project

In co-creation with healthcare professionals from De Hoogstraat Rehabilitation Centre we developed a 3D interactive module for patients with a spinal cord injury. This module consists of two tailormade exercise games and one 3D e-learning explaining the effect of a spinal cord injury.

Cardiology & Pulmonary project

For the departments of Cardiology and Pulmonary Diseases of Elkerliek Hospital we have developed two games in which the intensity of exercise is gradually increased every day. The games make exercising fun and motivating during a hospital stay.

On the move after heart surgery

Move calmly and in a controlled manner after Open Heart Surgery with the game ‘Fit Birds’. Release the seagulls towards the sea. This game was especially developed for Haga Hospital.

Want to know more?

At HoloMoves we offer licenses where you can put together a package of games and information modules of your choice. In addition, we offer tailor-made solutions in consultation.

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