About HoloMoves

We are an enthusiastic and versatile team dedicated to innovation in healthcare.

Our mission

With our innovative Mixed Reality software we want to contribute to faster recoveries for inpatients by helping them to get more physically active and providing them with engaging education modules.


Our core values

Healthy behavior

By healthy behavior we mean “keeping healthy what is healthy”. By encouraging physical activity, we want to prevent unnecessary deterioration of physical condition and contribute to a better and faster recovery for patients.


The power of Mixed Reality in combination with interactive games and education supports patients in making healthy choices and undertaking physical activity.

Playful design

A playful design has a central place in all our products. A good dose of fun, motivates patients to get active and promotes increase adherence to exercise.

Founders HoloMoves

Joep - CEO and MT-member

Joep - CEO and MT-member


Joep Janssen has many years of experience as a physiotherapist and healthcare innovator. Motivation for exercise is central to all his projects. By means of game design and (sensor) technology, he always seeks a balance between a high fun factor and the smart use of the latest technologies.

Winnie - CFO and MT-member

Winnie - CFO and MT-member


Winnie Meijer has earned her spurs in the business world, especially in innovation and technology-driven companies. She is in her element when she can organize and structure in hectic and dynamic environments.

Karin - CRO and MT-member

Karin - CRO and MT-member


Karin Valkenet has a background as a hospital physiotherapist and health scientist. After combining 10 years of inpatient care and research, she now focuses on research full-time. Her main topic is stimulating physical activity during hospitalization.

Tom - Member Advisory board

Tom - Member Advisory board


Tom Mensink is a computer science engineer and scrum master. After years of working in robotics, he has been working full-time as an MR developer since the launch of the HoloLens and is among the elite international MR developers.

Scientific basis

Exercise is important for everyone

The hallways of health care institutions are boring and there is little to do in the clinical wards. In addition, patients in hospital have often lose confidence in their body or they are not always aware that exercise contributes to a faster recovery. As a result, 60% of the time is spent in bed during the day. Muscle mass decreases rapidly and the risk of complications increases…