About HoloMoves

An inspired and versatile team with a heart for innovation in healthcare.

Our mission

We contribute to patients’ faster recovery by educating them and providing intensive customized therapy using our innovative Mixed Reality software.

Team HoloMoves

Our core values

Healthy behavior

By healthy behavior, we mean “keeping healthy what is healthy. By encouraging adequate exercise, we want to contribute to a better and faster recovery of patients.


The power of Mixed Reality combined with interactive games and education supports patients in making healthy choices and engaging in healthy exercise behaviors.

Playful design

Playful design is at the heart of all our products. With a good dose of fun, motivation remains high and the degree of compliance is promoted.

Scientific foundation

Exercise is important for everyone

The hallways are dull and there is little to do in the ward. In addition, patients in the hospital often lose confidence in their bodies or do not always know that exercise contributes to faster recovery. As a result, currently, 60% of the time is spent in bed during the day. Muscle mass disappears like snow in the sun and patients are more likely to have complications…