Day of an intern

My name is Yerio and I am currently an intern at HoloMoves, a company that specializes in developing augmented reality applications. As a “creative developer” student at Deltion, I came here to learn more about working within a company and how I can apply my skills in practice.

A day in my internship life

I usually start my day around 9:30 and every week I work on something different which makes working at HoloMoves so diverse. I work on prototypes, assist with current projects as needed, and I am currently helping another intern, Julia, with her research project. It’s great to have so many different opportunities to learn from the company and the other developers.

What I teach

In particular, I am learning more about working within a company and how important communication is to Developers and Sales. I am also learning new ways of coding and structuring projects. I recently made a breakthrough in multiplatform development for HoloMoves. Previously it was not possible to play the applications on the Hololens and the Quest Headset, but I figured out how to do it! With this breakthrough, I was also able to help other people who were looking for a solution to the same problem.

What I think

I find working at HoloMoves incredibly enjoyable and fun. It is an innovative company with always fun projects to work on. I can’t wait to see what the rest of my internship will bring me.