Disability education insightful with holograms through smart, digital care assistant

How do your bladder and bowels work when you have a spinal cord injury? And what are the consequences of that? To give people who have just had a spinal cord injury insight into that, De Hoogstraat Rehabilitation and HoloMoves developed the bladder and bowel information module. With the new information module, rehabilitators can use Hololens, a Mixed Reality glasses, to see exactly what is happening in the bladder and bowel. That helps tremendously in understanding what exactly they should or should not do.

Janneke Stolwijk, rehabilitation physician at De Hoogstraat is enthusiastic about this new module: “Rehabilitants see through the glasses a hologram where the bladder is in the body. They see urine flowing through the kidneys and bladder and how urine is drained by urination. It is made clear to them the difference between how the bladder works in a normal situation and what the changes can be in a spinal cord injury. But also what possible complications are that require alertness. For example, a complication where urine flows back from the bladder to the kidneys. By having a better idea of the altered functioning of the bladder, the rehabber can more easily make their own healthy decisions around their bladder and makes further actions such as using a catheter easier.”


Inpatient rehabilitation patients will soon be able to use this module. Joep Janssen of Holomoves: “At a self-selected moment, patients put on a Hololens. The Hololens is the glasses used to project the holograms around them. With this, patients can then interactively move through the information module. The 3D models are enriched by animations and explanations from the doctor, written and spoken. In this way, rehabilitants can see, hear and experience the information at their own pace. Their loved ones can also set it up, of course, well, it’s helpful if they also know the impact.

The creators of the module

Beginning in 2019, De Hoogstraat Rehabilitation will work with HoloMoves on interactive movement games and information modules for rehabilitation patients with spinal cord injury through the use of Mixed Reality glasses. With this technology, they are working toward greater self-direction and more intensive rehabilitation. A multidisciplinary team creates the bladder and bowel information module. It includes a former rehabilitant of De Hoogstraat, rehabilitation physician Janneke Stolwijk, a nursing specialist and HoloMoves’ entire software development team. Thanks to the sponsorship of Coloplast, this expansion, of bladder and bowel, is being made on top of the already existing the information module.

Source: The High Street