HoloMoves is now Microsoft’s official Mixed Reality Partner!

Through our partnering in the field of mixed reality, HoloMoves is able to serve its customers care-wide as a one-stop Mixed Reality care provider for a complete package of hardware and software. Futureproof, 3D visualization to inform and activate patients while ensuring their safety by staying in touch with reality. The package can be composed of information modules, exercise modules and scenario training for caregivers. For more information, see our products.

Quote René van Dormolen, Industrial Metaverse Lead Microsoft Western Europe

“It’s great to see the meaningful use cases HoloMoves is developing with Microsoft’s HoloLens 2. Contributing to intensive rehabilitation in order to recover faster. Motivation for rehabilitation is optimized through gamification and immersive 3D experiences. At the same time, healthcare facilities can de-stress their staff, monitor patient activity and progress, and help more patients.”