Hoogstraat Neurorehabilitation experiments with TafelBall

During the summer vacations, the neurorehabilitation department at De Hoogstraat conducted a pilot with HoloMoves’ CVA game TafelBall. Over six weeks, therapists, nurses and patients enthusiastically got to work with TableBall in the HoloLens. This was a success, with a few learning points for an implementation project.

TableBall is the serious game used to train arm-hand function in neurorehabilitation. A real table with holograms on it to be scored in the virtual hole. It is an intelligent serious game that teaches what you can already do, and challenges you further and further. TableBall can be played independently outside therapy hours, as well as during group therapies.

TableBall in neurorehabilitation arm-hand groups

De Hoogstraat co-developed TafelBall by thinking along at the beginning and helping to test the prototypes during the development process. Then, in July, the neurorehabilitation game was really finished and the pilot could be started. CVA rehabilitants at De Hoogstraat were enthusiastic about the serious game TafelBall and found it a good addition to their rehabilitation programm.

‘A fun way to be able to exercise my arm. I tried it out during the HandArm Group and was able to play it again in the evening with the nurse.’ (CVA rehabilitant neurorehabilitation De Hoogstraat)

Eugenie Brinkhof, physical therapist neurorehabilitation De Hoogstraat, was very excited for a pilot in her department. TableBall was used in the CVA arm-hand groups and on the neurorehabilitation ward. The therapists were enthusiastic. The CVA rehabber was able to work independently in the group with TableBall, giving the therapist more time to supervise other rehabbers.

‘Fun and good way to put someone to work while I then give another rehabber individual specific training. With TafelBall there is a lot of variety and even more possibilities to train within the HandArmGroup.’ (Eugenie Brinkhof, physiotherapist neurorehabilitation De Hoogstraat)

Despite all the enthusiasm from rehabbers and therapists for TafelBall at De Hoogstraat, there was also a critical note during the evaluation. Implementing an innovative product requires a lot of attention. Implementing a new product, such as TafelBall, into the daily operations of the De Hoogstraat rehabilitation center, is difficult.

The product has great potential in neurorehabilitation. It is expected that during a project within De Hoogstraat, rather than a short pilot, the implementation will go well. After all, the users were all enthusiastic.

‘It was still too exciting and unfamiliar for many nurses, therapists and rehabilitators now. We definitely need an extensive and intensive implementation process for this. To prevent the glasses from ending up in the closet.’ (Eugenie Brinkhof)

In conclusion, the pilot at De Hoogstraat neurorehabilitation was a success. TableBall challenges the affected arm to move more!