Our products

Interactive mixed reality software – moving and learning with holograms

HoloMoves’ products aim to intensify therapy both during and outside therapy times. We have a diverse set of exercise games, interactive information modules and scenario training on the market. In addition, we are employable for custom projects.

Want to learn more about the added value of HoloMoves for your healthcare facility?

Therapy games

With Mixed Reality exercise games, exercise can be intensified and exercise becomes attractive at every level!

Information modules

Through our interactive information modules, patients gain a better understanding of the diagnosis and rehabilitation process.

Scenario training

This innovative form of training allows healthcare professionals to train within their own healthcare context through real-life virtual patient scenarios.

Custom projects

Upon request, we deliver customized solutions in co-creation with healthcare professionals and end users.

Some of our products

Therapy games

Exercise games can enrich therapy moments or be used during independent practice moments. By adding holograms in the exercise situation, the patient is encouraged to get moving in a challenging way.

Because patients stay well in touch with the real environment and their therapist, they are able to practice optimally and safely. Multisensory feedback and gamification have a motivating effect on patient exercise behavior. Can also be combined with weight support as shown in the photo.

click here for ZeroG video 1

Information Modules

Patients remember only 20% of the information presented to them. By offering knowledge in an interactive and playful way in 3D, knowledge sticks better.

In cooperation with De Hoogstraat Rehabilitation, HoloMoves has developed an interactive information module for people with spinal cord injury. In doing so, the patient gains a better understanding of the diagnosis and rehabilitation process. This contributes to patient self-direction and independence.

Scenario training

In addition to products for patients, we also offer training for healthcare workers. For example, in co-creation with the UMC Utrecht, we developed an MR training, in which scenarios about movement-based care can be practiced, with virtual patients in the real context. At the nurse’s convenience and as often as one wishes.

Gamification of scenario training increases motivation and positive attitudes toward learning. By interacting with the environment, there is active participation which makes it easier to maintain attention to the subject matter.

Custom projects

For example, we provided customization in a collaborative project commissioned by the company TrueSim.

For them, we developed a Mixed Reality scenario training. In this training, the ABCDE method is practiced using realistic acute situations. In this way, TrueSim provides an optimal learning experience, connecting training and reality.