Escape from the hospital for a while and get moving with challenging and motivating games. An active patient can go home earlier.

”Wonderful to see people moving more through these glasses!”

Renate Westerlake

Manager, Ronald Donald Kinderfonds

Return home earlier and fitter

Patients who exercise more can often be back home sooner. They also regained their former condition faster.

Attractive and motivating way to exercise as well as receive information

The uniqueness of Mixed Reality is that we can transform any space. This makes exercise and receiving information fun. You forget for a moment that you are in the hospital.

Less risk of complications because you move more

Doing too little exercise during your hospitalization decreases your fitness and increases the risk of complications. By playing our games, you move more. And so that’s good for your recovery!

Also see…

Healthcare Institutions

Sufficient exercise prevents unnecessary healthcare costs by reducing complications, readmissions and length of hospitalization.

Healthcare Professional

Mixed Reality gaming increases compliance and enables monitoring during independent practice.

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